The creation of Etto Leisure Cars is based on a simple idea: treat people how we would like to be treated - provide our neighbors with the leisure car purchasing experience we have come to expect.

We look forward to loading up our golf cart to catch up with friends and family at the local park, watch our kid's soccer game or head out to drop a line in the water. However, when we were in the market to purchase a car or low-speed vehicle we kept running into the same problem: poor service and unreliable information on our golf carts options.

So, we're building Etto Leisure Cars to serve you better! With Etto you'll have access to the highest quality models, great information to aid in your vehicle selection, and convenient, reliable maintenance.

Our goal is to ensure you receive the care and transparency you expect with the convenience you want. You'll leave your local Etto location informed and with the confidence that you're receiving the best possible leisure car experience.

We look forward to a future of fun, convenience, and comfort together.